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Synergy - Invente

“Self-belief and hard work always yield success”, such a successful event is our Techfest Synergy conducted every year for stimulating innovative thinking.

“Invente” – The national wide Symposium, famous among the engineering colleges all over India, conducted by the top-ranking college “SSN College of Engineering”. The department of chemical engineering baptizes this TechFest as “Synergy”. Every year the department of chemical engineering comes up with exciting creative themes and events which make this fest a learnable and enjoyable one.

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Chemicara - Initiative with a new perspective.

Chemicara encourages thriving researchers to display their innovative research ideas pertaining to the below mentioned areas.
Will you be able to cut across the judge’s rock-hard interrogation to flow into the ocean of the brightest minds?

TEAM MEMBERS: 1-3 per team
• All abstracts should be sent at least 7 days prior to the start of the event following which the ppt template will be shared.
• Submitted abstract should be of the format - Times new Roman,12-point font size and 1.5 spacing. The abstract must include – Title, Name(s), email address and affiliation of the author(s). Abstract must not exceed 300 words.
• The mail where it needs to be submitted will be shared post registration confirmation.
• Time scheme:
o Presentation – should not exceed 7 minutes. The recorded videos of you presenting the PPT needs to be sent 1 day prior to the event.
o Questioning – 2-3 minutes.
• Judge's decision is final.

MODE: Online

1. Sustainable Development
2. Environmental Engineering / Renewable and green Technology
3. Material Technology / Nanotechnology / Polymer Science and Technology
4. Energy Technology/ Energy Engineering/ Food Technology
5. Biochemical/ Biotechnology/ Food Technology/ Pharmaceutical and Neutracutical
6. Fuels and Petrochemicals/ Fuel Alternatives/ Chemical Crystallography
7. Separation Processes & Reaction Engineering/ Carbon capturing and utilization
8. Computational Modelling and Simulation / CFD
9. Process Optimization / Process Safety
10. Pollution Control/ Wastewater Treatment

For more details contact
Bhavani Nandhini - +91-8925455457
Shruthi Prakash - +91 91507 18631
Sriram Gokulakrishnan - +91-9952021801
Vishal Prakash - +91 98409 64543

Expresso –The Perfect Brew

Are you a person with innovative ideas?? Well, then don't let your ideas be locked inside the doors of your mind. It's the execution of ideas that really separates the sheep from the goats. Wanna be a G.O.A.T.?? Grab your cup of espresso coffee and your creative minds and get ready to express your ideas using a poster.
TEAM MEMBERS : 1–3 members per team .
THRUST AREAS: 1. Biochemical and Biotechnology .
2. Catalysis and Reaction Engineering.
3. Chemical Crystallography.
4. Chemical Technology/ Process Design and Intensification.
5. Electrochemical Process Technology/ Seperation Technique.
6. Energy Conservation/ Sustainable energy/ Green Technology.
7. Fluid Mechanics/ Computational Fluid Dynamics.
8. Food Technology and safety/ Pharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals.
9. Material Science and Technology/ Nanotechnology.
10. Modeling, Simulation & Optimization.
11. Process Control/ Process Safety.
12. Waste Water Treatment/ Pollution control/ Waste Management.
1. Abstracts must be sent at least a week prior to the event day after which the poster template will be shared..
2. The soft copy of the poster must be mailed at least 3 days prior to the event day..
3. It is not mandatory to carry the hard copy of your poster..
4. The Subject of the e-mail should be “POSTER - (Participants’names)”and the file name should be the title of your poster..
5. The e- mail id to which the abstract and the posters must be sent will be shared after the registration. The abstract must be done in WORD document only and should NOT exceed 300 words. It must include Title, Participant(s), Email Address and Affiliation of the authors, and should strictly adhere to the following format: Font : Times New Roman, Fontsize : 12pt, Line spacing : 1.5.
6. Total of 10 minutes is allotted per team:.
• Presentation Time : 5-7 mins.
• Q&A session : 3-4mins.
7. Judges’ decision is final and binding..
Supraja M - 8056661087 Avanthika S - 8807777808.
Harini P - 9952210291.
Jagannath - 9080061265


Lines, words, and random images - Energise your neurons and bridge together the puzzles tossed your way to create a perfect Chemical Engineering term. Consisting of Preliminary and consecutive rounds, this event will challenge your prowess in the Chemical Engineering field with intricate puzzles that get harder with progress. Connect the dots, and compete with your mates !

Round 1(10 min) : Prelims In the Prelims, the participants have to decode a chemical term by connecting the given hints, which are in form of pictures . Based on the no of teams and the evaluation, ‘n’ teams will be shortlisted for next round. Just a pen-paper quiz !
Final Round : In the consecutive rounds, the questions get a bit trickier. Get ready to connect !

Team Size: 1-3 members

Event Heads:
Balaji 8248513862
Gnanasekar 7358835927
Sathyanarayanan 9150833804
Dharun 9514798476


Hints are given to each team who solve them successively to get the assigned letters associated with each hint. On finding all the hints, the teams accumulate all the letters and form a meaningful word. Team that finishes the hunt at the earliest will be declared the winner!

ROUND 1 There is only a single round and it’s a completely fun – packed time game where individual teams have to find alphabets from clues given to them. The team that finishes first during that slot will be declared the winning team.

TEAM SIZE Team of 2-3

EVENT HEADS Dimple- 9150210614


Adventures Beware!! Ready for the next level? A game for those who seek to find a way into chemical engineering world. Will you be able to reach the gameboard centre and call out JUMANJI!! I guess you won’t find out until you try it yourself.

Event type: Team event (2 to 4 members)

Round 1: Crossword game (10 min)
Participants will be provided with printed sheet consisting of question and the crossword layout. Questions will be related to chemical engineering general knowledge (non-technical).

Round 2: Board game (20mins)
Each team starts by rolling a dice
When they land in each grid surprises are waiting ahead.
Set of tasks will be given through a random generator wheel. (Technical questions, dare, activity related to chemical engineering)
Teams must follow the instructions and accomplish it to move ahead.
Team that reaches the final point or nearest to the final at the end of the timer wins the battle.

Yamini 7550045233
Arjun 9585573770
Padmavathy 9498356475
Kishore 9600944768


Fandom quiz is a team event (offline mode) comprising of 2 rounds. Both the rounds will have some exciting questions related to chemical engineering and other domains. Round 1 will be a paper pen test. The questions will be asked based on movies, series and anime. In round 2, a common question will be asked to all the teams.

Round 1: Paper – pen Test (10 mins)
In round 1 each team would be given a printed paper consisting of 15-20 questions which should be answered in the given time. Top ‘n’ teams will proceed to the next round depending upon the no. of teams participating.

Round 2: Task based games.
All the qualified teams will be asked a common question. After the question is asked the team which knows the answer should perform a particular task. The team which finishes the task (I bet, tats a simple one) first will get the chance to answer the question first. If they get it wrong then the next team who finished the task next will get the chance.
Number of participants in a team:
2-4 in a team.

Tech Domain:
Basic chemistry, physics, science, chemical engineering, know about chemical compounds.

JOSHUA - 9444703920
AKHASH – 9487179809
LOHITHA - 7550175954
ARUL - 8925465103

Deep waters (Shark Tank)

Will you seek the jaw; will you bear the bite? The sharks are twitching for your way of pitching. In this classical shark tank-esque event, your prowess of persuading the jury will be tested, and similarly how you scrape your inner Jordan Belfort for the technical products. Get ready with “Sell me this pen” answers, and win your way out in the game.

Rules: Round 1
1) Participants will be given a topic on spot. (common products)
2) A buffer time of five minutes will be given to them to research on the topic given.
3) They will have to pitch the topic for not more than 4 minutes
4) Teams/participants with highest points will qualify for the final round.

Round 2 (final round)
1) Participants will be given a topic on spot, as like the first round.
2) They will have to prepare a presentation on the given topic, for which a buffer time of 30 minutes will be given.
3) They will have to present the topic for not more than 6 mins and subsequently answer questions from the shark. 4) The team/ with the maximum points will be the winner

Number of rounds: Two rounds
Number of participants: 1 or 2 (Individual or a team of two)

ROHITH – 7010681579
NEESHANTH – 9353805104
GURU – 9962082297
GAYATHRI - 9385935030


Has Wordle become an inevitable part of your daily routine? Do your friends call you the Wordle geek? Then this event is just the one for you. Step up your game and display your proficiency in both English and Science! Gather your friends and make the team for this exciting offline event.

Round 1: Wordle (15 mins)
In the 1st round, each team will have to find a specific 5-letter word pertaining to basic chemistry. After filling up each row, our volunteers will help you with the next step by giving the clues. Make sure to fill in only valid English words (listed in Oxford English Dictionary) within the given time limit based on which the points will be awarded.

Round 2: Reverse Wordle
The shortlisted teams from the 1st round proceed to the 2nd round. The teams will play Reverse Wordle in this round with a slight twist! (shall be revealed on the event day). You will be given the final word and the clues, and you will have to fill up words accordingly. This round requires the participants to showcase good team coordination skills, know basic science and chemical engineering terms, and have quick thinking skills based on which points will be rewarded.

Team Size: 3-4 members per team
Tech Domain:
Basic chemistry and English knowledge, precision, teamwork, and time management.

Event Heads
Aindrila- 9445607546
Aishwarya S- 7708909947
Durga- 9176171897
Kaavya- 9344485716


Chained amidst the never-ending Engineering courses and countless exams, have you ever craved for a vacation in the realm of unlimited fun? The event 'HOUSE OF FUN’ has got your back with an array of exhilarating games that invigorate the dormant child in you. It's time to bid goodbye to the boring young adult you are and have more fun than a barrel of monkeys. Flock to the thrilling room, and let your spirits soar high until reality wakes you up!

Event outline:
If you have watched ‘Minute to Win it’, this event would be a child’s play. In this event, a series of interesting games (individual and team) will be arranged in a room. From the moment you step in till you exit, the fun-filled room will have a great deal of games to offer. Shhhh!! The list of games is a secret. Come and explore!
1. The room will be open to participants on both the days.
2. The participants can participate as an individual or as a team.
3. Registrations for the event is on-spot.
Join us in the two-day adventure, live each moment wholeheartedly and amaze the crowd with your knack for games.

Event Heads:
SURYA : 7708381251
RITHIK : 9150157795


Await this "treasure trove" who's abandoned thicket hold hella lot of entangled treasures which needs your expert hands to unravel the hidden gems.

There are various games to choose from, hand-pick the one you are comfortable playing. Win and get a chance to pile onto the exposed treasures.
1. Anyone can participate at any time of the day.
2. The thicket is open on both days.
3. The players can choose to go solo or as a team.
4. Registrations for the event is on-spot.
Will you be able to find the ‘ultimate treasure’? Come join us for this fun-tastic event and find out.

Event Heads:
Dinesh - 90032 12258
Eshanth - 8300795798