Over the past decade or so the entire world is facing major environmental issues and energy crises. A sustainable environment ensures the availability of resources to the present and future generations. A major source of energy to the present-day world is a fossil fuel but they are depleting at an exponential rate.

The main objective of this conference is to bring to the limelight, the emerging arenas of research and development in the energy and environment sector. It will provide a favorable platform to discuss the pros and cons, opportunities together with the risks involved in the sustainability of innovation in the global energy scenario. It provides a forum for distinguished guest speakers and practitioners to address recent research results and to present and discuss related issues in energy and the environment. The conference will be a forum for new ideas and concepts and will STEER the students and researchers into anew spectrum of study.

The Mission of STEER:

To bring together an eclectic mix of innovative ideas and thoughts concerning the sustainability of environmental resources and other thrust areas. 

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